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Robert Devane

Starting with judo, boxing and karate, Robert continued to study many different styles of Martial Arts from a young age. He has achieved a 5th Dan black belt in Kickboxing, a black belt in Freestyle Karate, a black belt in Kenpo and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Competitively, Robert has won many titles including several World medals - U.S. Open, WKKC World Championships, W.U.M.A. Worlds, Sport Karate Internationals, W.A.K.O. World Championships, W.K.C. Worlds. Robert currently competes as a professional mma fighter as well as in nogi BJJ. He's a level 3 certified Machine MMA instructor under Ian 'The Machine' Freeman. Robert is one of very few professional Martial Arts instructors in this country and he is also involved with several T.V. & film projects.




Louise Devane

Louise is the regional manager of MAI. She originally took up Martial Arts and Kickboxing to keep fit and she never realised that she would be making a career out of it. Louise loves Kickboxing, MMA training and sparring as well as talking to everyone at the Dojos. Louise was on the Irish Team for the WKKC World Championships and she has won a bronze medal at the US Open World Championship. She has also competed and won at amateur MMA. Louise is a great role model because she successfully proves that women can do it too and just as good.



James Mooney

James Mooney was one of the first ever students at our Dublin 15 club back in 2007. Throughout the years he's helped teach the kids, helped teach courses at various schools and companies and he also has boxing coaching experience. Added to that, James has helped out as club handyman since the club first opened too. He's an amazingly positive, energetic and motivating coach and his enthusiasm is infectious. James believes in applying a positive attitude with hard but fun training to optimise results.






Declan Kidd

Declan is one of the only people in this country to have represented Ireland in both Traditional Karate and Kickboxing. Declan has achieved a black belt in Shotokan, a 4th Dan black belt in Kickboxing and a black belt in Sport Karate. Declan has been around the block having studied Martial Arts for over 30 years! He has been teaching Martial Arts for the past 20 years and his enthusiasm is contagious. Declan has been there, done that and is now wearing the T-shirt!





Laura Kinsella

Laura has trained hard over the years at our Blanchardstown club and she now runs the popular kids classes at M.A.I. Dublin 15. Laura successfully combines her many years of competitive Irish dancing with Kickboxing and the results can be seen in her kicking ability, sparring footwork and overall technique.





Stephen Large

Despite his quiet exterior, Stephen is a powerhouse at the Dojo. He takes part in everything and is always at the top of the rankings. He exudes calmness and friendliness. Stephen is a true 'tough guy' on the inside but he never tries to show it on the outside. If you met Stephen outside the Dojo, you wouldn't ever guess he is as good as he is. Listen to Stephen and you will definitely do well.






Sinead Courtney

Sinead has risen through the MAI ranks the old fashioned way, with lots of hard work. Her committment to the Dojo is unparalleled and she can be seen training in many different classes from Cardio Kickboxing to Sparring. Sinead is an accomplished competitor and she has made amazing improvements since she first started. Sinead has competed on the Irish Team and is a World medallist. She has also competed and won at amateur MMA. Sinead is looking forward to helping others make the same progress.



Barry Dunne

Bad Boy Barry is an imposing figure at MAI but he's always up for the craic at the dojo. Barry has been around since the start of MAI and both he and the club have grown from strength to strength. Barry likes to train hard and amongst his achievements is a silver medal from the WKC World Championships.





Derek Foley

Derek started his martial arts training when we taught a course at his secondary school. He's achieved many things in Martial Arts over the years including being the first MAI 2nd Dan Black Belt. Derek is an extremely technical Martial Artist which is no surprise as he's also the most educated MAI instructor. He specialises in teaching syllabus and getting the best out of people at belt gradings.




louise d

Louise O'Donnell

Louise is a long term martial artist and she has been with MAI for a good few years. She has achieved a Black Belt in ju-jitsu and a brown belt in Kickboxing. Louise hasn't rushed her belt gradings as she believes in perfecting technique. Louise has competed many times and is a World medallist. Louise has also competed and won at amateur MMA.





Martin Houston

Martin has a wealth of martial arts experience and a super coaching personality. His analytical mind combined with his physical abilities and positive, relaxed attitude means that he's an ideal instructor to learn from. Martin loves sparring as well as syllabus and self-defence and you will too if you get the opportunity to train with him.





Gary Byrne

Gary was training at M.A.I. and in various martial arts forms for over 10 years before deciding to embark on the structured journey of belt grades. Due to his time training, Gary has gotten through the belts with ease and is currently about to grade for black belt. He has trained in Thailand and he's also gotten a lot of experience teaching fitness boxing.





Arnie Sasnauskas

Arnie is the next generation of M.A.I. martial artists. He's very talented and he has a very hard work ethic. Physical ability combined with tough training gives Arnie a massive step ahead of his opposition. He's an accomplished competitor with an extremely bright future. When Arnie teaches it's always a good workout.